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GREENoneTEC revolutionizes solar heating with Sunpad



We’ve made an interview with one of few foreigner exhibitors, GREENoneTEC, Head of Marketing and Sales, Patrick Vallant at Solar Istanbul.

Can you tell us about yourself briefly?

Hello, my name’s Patrick. I’m Head of Sales and Marketing at Greeononetech. We’re here, in this beautiful fair, in Istanbul to  introduce our new product into Turkish market.

Can you speak about your company, GREENoneTEC?

Of course. GREENoneTEC is one of the leader companies in the market in solar heating technology as a manufacturer. I mean, globally, we have the greatest experience in 30 years. Our owner Robert Kanduth started this business in a garage. He was the first the first one globally, where on the products’ manufacturing first used robots, automatical systems. 3 years ago, we mainly focused in our product, mainly Austria, Germany, Italy and some surrounding countries. We wanted to enter the thermosyphon segment. First,w e started with thermosyphon. And we wished to develop a really new product. That’s what you see here. That’s why we called it “the world’s most revolutionary solar water heater”

In Sunpad, the most revolutionary and innovative part seems to be the heat transfer liquid. I think it’s the featured quality of Sunpad. Can you tell this?

I think it’s the whole system, because we’re also using a lot of new materials. It’s extruded polypropolyne; it’s the insulation and casing. And also we’re using use double coating anti-reflect glass . Then, for sure we have a special fluid inside against corrosion. And also the we’ve got the sight itself, we don’t see the tank. It looks like an iPad on the roof. And we have a lot of advantages of the system, because it’s an open system, it’s a fresh water system. So you don’t have any problems. It’s a very lightweight system. The weight of the system is only sixty kilograms. In comparison to thermosyphon system, where the system has 160-170 kg, it’s very lightweight. So, we don’t have any maintenance problems, like in thermosyphon system. In thermosyphon system, you have to change the elements annually. We don’t have any maintenance subjects. Then, the installation time is %75 quicker than thermosyphon, because you use only a few screws, a cold waterline, a cold waterline and so the installation is very easy so far. So we say with Sunpad, you have a happy, longer life.

In this context, Sunpad seems to carry the feature of capability for installation in the most remote places, away from maintenance sources, so I think it brings much facility to the user. 

Yes, for sure. So the focus is always for domestic needs. For sure, you can also use it for industrial, but the focus is more for family houses.

Sunpad eliminates the transportation problem

Yes, from the transportation side; we’re delivering the product to more than 40 countries at the moment. And the scene is for sure, the transport cost. Every part is %100 produced in Austria. For sure, you have a challenge for transport. But we also optimise the packaging that you get a lot of Sunpads in a 40 foot container, for example, you get 120 pieces of Sunpads. In comparison to termosyphon, you get 70 or something.  So that means for an order, it’s a lot cheaper because in one container, every time you get the same price. When we optimise packaging, you get a lot of more products each time and that means you also save money, in comparison.

So, it’s better for your importer in terms of pricing in the market

For sure, but we have to say, our focus is, we want to send the product and we want to see people satisfied. We don’t buy Chinese stuff., which is said cheap, with 150- 200 euros, You install it and after a year, the system breaks or something. Because, we know, if you have a customer who’s using the system, he has to be satisfied in the long term. So we can say the price is on an average.

What do you think about Turkish market?

Turkish market; it’s amazing. For sure, it’s very huge after China, it’s the biggest market in the world in termosyphon segment. For sure, it’s a very challenging market. You have to set a good partnership, a good market, that you can survive in that market. It’s very challenging, because you also have very good manufacture locally. For sure, it’s a challenge to enter a foreign country. I think we can convince with our experience and with our products that is also attractive for Turkish market.

For Turkish market, has the fair met your expectations except Coronavirus?

This fair, yes, but you see we have to challenge globally about this Corona. As you see, there is no traffic here. But it doesn’t matter. We’re happy that we’re here. Because, if we haven’t come to this fair, we wouldn’t see you, we wouldn’t see some other guys. For us, it’s just showing our products, having networking, and we had some contacts. For sure, from the traffic expectations, it was higher. This is not the fault of the fair. We had some partners invited, everyone cancelled because the set of Corona.

As a last development, Trump executed a travel ban from European countries

I know, I know, I’ve seen this. 3 weeks ago I was in Miami. But the worst situation is now in Italy. Because in Italy, they have a a lot of Chinese people and I think this was the main problem then.

Thank you very much for the interview

Thank you very much

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Milestone in Turkish Energy Sector: Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri to Open Advanced Factory




Ankara, Turkey – Turkey is on the brink of a significant leap in the energy storage domain as Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri prepares to inaugurate a pioneering factory. Representing a private sector investment spanning from Europe to China, Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri is establishing the Lityum Demir Fosfat Pil Hücresi Fabrikası (Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell Factory) in Polatlı, Ankara. This venture aims to fortify Turkey’s energy independence.

Upon its operational commencement, the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell will not only find versatile applications across industries but will also make significant contributions to Turkey’s energy autonomy and the reduction of the current account deficit. Additionally, this innovative technology is poised to emerge as a secure alternative for international markets, thereby exuding its magnetic appeal.

The editorial team at, meticulously following the energy storage sector, is excited to announce their participation in this momentous development. Our editors are all set to attend the Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri factory’s inauguration event and subsequently present an exhaustive account of the proceedings. Throughout the event, our editors will delve into intricate details about the factory’s technological nuances, production capacity, and its potential impact.

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The pre-inauguration event promises to offer tantalizing glimpses into the energy sector’s future, and the team is thrilled to meticulously analyze and present the intricacies of this landmark achievement to our readers.

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Solar+Storage NX Fair in Istanbul! Providing Solutions to Turkey’s Solar Energy Resources and Contributing to the Fight Against Climate Change!




As the world and our country struggle with the adverse effects of climate change, such as extreme heat, the Solar+Storage NX Fair will be open for visitors from August 31 to September 2 at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul. This fair aims to offer solutions that sustainably harness Turkey’s solar energy resources and enable energy storage, reducing energy production costs and contributing to the fight against climate change.

With the support of the auxiliary industry and technology investments, the applications for storage-integrated Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Solar Power Plants (GES) made to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) are expected to result in investments worth 40-45 billion dollars. The fair is expected to create a minimum of 2 billion USD worth of business volume for the sector, bringing together world energy leaders in Istanbul.

Organized by Solis Fuarcılık in collaboration with the Solar Energy Industrialists and Industry Association (GENSED), the Solar+Storage NX Fair will host over 100 companies from 12 countries, along with more than 10,000 industry professionals from 51 countries across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The fair’s 9,500 square meter area will showcase Solar Energy Systems, Energy Storage Technologies, Engineering, Supply and Construction, EPC Projects, Digitalization, Smart Energy Solutions, and E-Mobility product groups. The fair will be a focal point for a diverse range of industry professionals from various sectors, including government institutions, municipalities, energy storage investors, licensed/unlicensed electricity producers, solar energy investors, industrial or commercial facility managers, project developers, and professionals from sectors like agriculture, transportation, and tourism.

The fair will also facilitate international trade partnerships through the Buyer Delegations program, providing opportunities for export-oriented companies to engage in bilateral business meetings with more than 300 international purchasing delegations from target market countries, including CIS countries, the Balkans, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, an exclusive qualified Procurement and Trade Delegation of 30 people from 12 African countries is expected to collaborate with Turkish companies for new investment and trade opportunities.

By harnessing solar energy, Turkey will move closer to its zero-carbon target. The General Manager of Solis Fuarcılık and Consulting Services Inc., Feraye Gürel, emphasized that the Solar+Storage NX Fair plays a facilitating role in contributing to the development of solar energy and energy storage solutions, combating climate change, and helping Turkey achieve its zero-carbon target within the scope of the green pact.

The fair will be held alongside the NextGen E-Mobility + Charge Expo & Summit, supported by TEHAD (Turkish Electrical, Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association). The NextGen E-Mobility + Charge Expo & Summit will focus on electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the needs of the E-Mobility industry, with more than 100 participating companies from 12 countries and over 10,000 sector professionals expected to attend.

Various industry leaders have shown great interest and participation in the Solar+Storage NX Fair, including HSA Group, Asunim Group, HENSEL, EFES Enerji, Daxler Energy, JA Solar, Dron Market, Avenof, Alkan Kablo, and many others.

The fair will also host the Solar Challenge, a competition where Roof GES Installation Teams will compete to assemble four solar panels on an aluminum structure in the shortest time.

Overall, the fair aims to contribute to the development of the renewable energy sector, foster collaboration between businesses, consumers, and decision-makers, and provide a platform for generating long-term, lasting partnerships and commercial agreements.

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Wärtsilä finalises commissioning of its first two Energy Storage projects in the Philippines




The technology group Wärtsilä has signed multiple energy storage contracts with SMC Global Power Holdings Inc. through its subsidiary, Universal Power Solutions Inc., in the Philippines during 2019-2020. The first two projects, Integrated Renewable Power Hub-Toledo and BCCPP, Limay, Bataan, have achieved final commissioning in May. The projects have a capacity of 20 MW / 20 MWh and 40 MW / 40MWh respectively, and are part of the earlier announced energy storage orders.

These are the first energy storage systems supplied by Wärtsilä to the Philippines. The projects are delivered on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis, and include Wärtsilä’s propriety software and hardware solutions. The systems comprise the company’s GridSolv Max system, a standardised energy storage solution that provides flexible and modular storage for the core hardware assets of the systems, including the batteries, a safety and fire system, and inverters, alongside the advanced GEMS Digital Energy Platform.

“Our partnership with SMC Global Power, a company with technical experience in battery energy storage systems, has enabled us to reach this stage and be ready for operation in record time. This also further demonstrates Wärtsilä’s EPC capabilities in the region, as well as our ability to operate under the challenging restrictions set by the pandemic. These projects showcase our long-term commitment to be present in the Philippines and to continue delivering optimised solutions that support the energy transition in Southeast Asia,” commented Kari Punnonen, Director, Australasia, Wärtsilä Energy.

Wärtsilä is enabling the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future by designing and building flexible systems that integrate renewable energy sources, thermal assets and energy storage. In 2018, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) committed to meeting 23 percent of its primary energy needs from renewables by 2025. The region aims to leverage its abundant wind and solar resources and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, especially as grid systems are developing and economies growing. Wärtsilä’s energy storage projects will contribute to the reliability necessary to support Southeast Asia’s transition to carbon-free resources.

Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy platform dynamically manages the integration of intermittent renewables, thereby enabling the grid to become more responsive and stable. The GEMS grid applications include voltage and frequency regulation, reactive power support, spinning reserve, ramp rate optimisation, renewable energy output smoothing, and energy arbitrage.

Reaching this important milestone in the project execution is another endorsement of Wärtsilä’s delivery capabilities. Wärtsilä has a strong presence in Southeast Asia with a total installed capacity of over 9,000 MW, of which 2,000 MW were executed as EPC deliveries, including approximately 300 MW of contracted energy storage systems.

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