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EBRD invests in wind and solar energy in Poland

The EBRD is advancing the green energy transition in Poland by supporting Qair’s portfolio of almost 200 MW of renewable energy with five loans totalling PLN 280 million (approximately €63 million equivalent). BNP Paribas is also providing project finance lending to the portfolio on a parallel basis. The portfolio includes the construction under the Polish […]

Modelling in renewable energy projects as a tool for strategic decision making

The most critical financial services in the energy due diligence services is financial advisory and specially financial modelling, as causing a decrease in financing costs and optimizing the finance structure. Financial modelling plays a part in both investment decisions and evaluation.  In project finance, financial model allows a project-specific calculation that demonstrates all cash flows […]

Solar park business development in foreign countries for Turkish corporates

In recent years, Turkish corporates are extending their solar activities to foreign countries like MENA; Africa, Eastern Europe, CIS countries etc. The main focus of these companies are to export solar equipment, be a cont- ractor, perform outsourced construction works. In order to get the maximum benefit and profit from foreign country operations in renewable […]

Solar and Wind Now the Cheapest Power Source

Unsubsidised solar and onshore wind are now the cheapest source of new bulk power in all major economies except Japan thanks to falling technology costs. That’s the findings of a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which examines the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) worldwide of different power generating and energy storage technologies, excluding […]